Single Family Mortgage Loan Origination Services

Post Closing Quality Control

Mortgage Data Integrity System Provides:
  • Re-verification of Borrower Income, Employment and Assets
  • Verification of the data integrity for the AUS which includes the review of red flag and alerts
  • Re-verification of Borrower’s Credit History
  • Ensure the validity of the original Underwriting decision,
  • Review industry lists (Freddie Mac Exclusionary, HUD LDP) to ensure that all parties in the transaction are not included
  • Re-verification of the borrower's Social Security number
  • Review for fraud and/or misrepresentation
  • Verification of owner occupancy
  • Insure the execution of Form 4506-T with the IRS was completed, and reconciliation of the transcript information with the income documents
  • Appraisal Desk Review
  • Appraisal Field Reviews
  • State and Federal lending laws Compliance review

Pre-Funding Quality Control

Mortgage Data Integrity Pre-Funding Review:
  • Automated Underwriting input data review
  • Borrower Social Security Number Verification
  • Income calculation and Income documentation review
  • Employment Verification via Verbal Verification of Employment
  • Verification of Assets to close and/or meet reserve requirements
  • Appraised value Verification
  • Mortgage insurance coverage re-calculation
  • Verification of industry or agency exclusionary lists.

Mortgage Loan Servicing

On-Site Servicing Quality Control

Mortgage Data Integrity Servicing Review:
  • Loan boarding or new file establishment
  • Servicing transfers
  • Payment application
  • Late charges and partial payments
  • Escrow analysis and disbursements
  • Credit Bureau reporting
  • Custodial Account Escrow analysis
  • Payoff processing
  • Insurance claims
  • Remittances and Investor Reporting
    • Actual to Actual
    • Schedule to Schedule
    • Schedule to Actual (Freddy Mac)
  • Hazard/Flood Insurance verification
  • Tax payment verification
  • PMI Compliance
  • Default Reporting
  • RESPA and other federal compliance
  • State Compliance

Custodial Document Review

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Review
  • Institutional Bond Analysis
    • Fidelity and Lost Instrument coverage
    • E&O coverage
  • Fire Resistant Storage Analysis
  • Certification
    • Original Note
    • Executed unrecorded assignment
    • Power or Attorney
    • Mortgagee Title Insurance Policy
    • Mortgage Insurance Certificate
  • Inventory Accounting
    • Schedule of Mortgages
    • Custodial Register
    • Missing Document Notifications
Multifamily Mortgage services

Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Loan Reviews

Mortgage Data Integrity, LLC’s quality control review is to determine if the MAP lender operates in full compliance with the National Housing Act (NHA), HUD-FHA and MAP requirements and its own quality control policies and procedures. The review will attempt to determine if the loan reviewed demonstrates that the lender adheres to the MAP Guide policies and procedures, MAP Forms Book and clarifications and revisions in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), applicable regulations, Mortgagee Letters, HUD Notices and HUD Handbooks, and their own internal controls. The review contains the following:

  • Underwriting Analysis
  • Architectural Review
  • Cost Review (PNCA, Major Movable, Minor Equipment)
  • Construction Loan Administration
Desktop Appraisal Review and Market Analysis Review (MDI does not perform this service, but will help the lender locate a qualified source.) The format followed are the application and closing checklists found in the appendix of the MAP guide. Each item is reviewed and determined whether an exception occurred. The report will list each item, if there was an exception noted and an auditor’s explanation for that exception.

Credit and Collateral

Credit and Collateral Reviews

  • Credit and Collateral Services
    • Acceptable/Eligible Collateral Review
    • Residential First Mortgage Collateral
    • Multifamily Mortgage Collateral
    • Commercial Mortgage Collateral
    • HELOC/Second Mortgage Collateral
  • Acceptable Documents for Customer Obligations
    • Note
    • Payment Schedule
    • Property Valuation
    • Credit Document
    • Regulatory Compliance
  • Ownership of Collateral
  • Collateral Valuation
  • Collateral Monitoring
  • Maturing Collateral
  • Restricted Account Maintenance
  • Proceeds To Satisfy Claims
  • In-Transit Deficiencies
  • Predatory Lending Review
Mortgage services

Mortgage services

We strive to provide our clients with unequaled customer service, cost effective business solutions, and qualified, experienced, professional consultants. Mortgage Data Integrity, LLC offers you viable and cost effective alternative to permanent compliance staffing. We are committed to personal service and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with each client.